Buying & Selling Domain Names – Methods To Selling Website Domains

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Buying & Selling Domain Names – Methods To Selling Website Domains

There are a few ways to sell domain names. If you are trying to sell some killer domain, the best route would be to use services from an auction house like

Where you can submit your domain to be auctioned in a live auction, where even Fortune 500 companies would bid on your domain.

Usually they get around 50,000 submissions for such an event and only a couple hundred are featured, while another couple thousand are also auctioned off at the event.

You can sell complete websites, that even have revenue streams in this manner..

Ones that make say $500,000 in residual income could be auctioned off for $1.6 million at such an event.

Or it could be just a very great domain name (such as where you have no website attached, but could get some big companies interested in it.

I had one company offer to buy my website for about $100,000 dollars (one of my websites).

I turned them down, as I thought my website was worth more.


Just buying and selling domains on Ebay. This method I used to employ.

The trick here is to spend some time doing keyword searches that are usually ones small businesses would buy..

And then when you list them on ebay, make sure to use a very colorful logo (or just colored background with the domain name written on it).

Make sure to employ “color pyschology” that relates to the domain names field of business.

Further, make sure to write something that would hit on the desires of the potential customer.

For instance, I once sold a domain name similar to:

You just ask yourself, who would buy it? Probably a car dealership.

So, then, you indicate wouldn’t it be great to have such a catchy website name?

A name you could even build a huge online business off of. Expanding your local business into the internet age.



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