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For Sale By Owner |

This website provides help, advice and information about selling your property and avoiding the real estate agents high fees.

We have home buyers checklist and by owner sale and for sale by owner in, find housefor sale by owner, house for sales by owner and homes sold by owner and buy homes for sale, home for sale by owner along with for sale by owner real estate and for sale by owner listing, and a house for sale by owner, sale by owner houses, houses for sale from owner.

Homes for sale by owner websites, sell you home, for sale by owner properties, minnesota homes for sale by owner,by owner sales, real estate for sale by owner sites, homes for sale by owner md, home house for sale,houses or sale by owner. is the nation’s leading “by owner” real estate website. Since 1999, has saved home sellers more than one billion dollars by coaching and equipping them with information, tools and services that enable them to buy and sell houses directly.

By selling directly, homeowners can control costs and fees, recouping their home equity. charges $89 to $809 for its wide range of advertising, listing services and related information and tools.

A homeowner selling a $300,000 home through a real estate agent would be charged a 6% commission and pay approximately $18,000, plus additional fees.

For sale by owner real estate can provide great value as sellers can be more negotiable and acheive a quicker sale.

For more information and advice and to review the for sale by owner way of selling contact us today.

Its your money and your equity !

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For Sale By Owner



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