Sell Sh*t With Reddit | Phone Thoughts Episode 01

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In our first episode of Phone Thoughts we talk about how to sell more stuff using a combination of Reddit and social remarketing.


Phone Thoughts is a daily piece of unedited content where one of the team speaks out loud for a couple of minutes. We will sit in front of the phone recording tips, news, strategies and more. In episode one we are going to talk about how to sell more stuff with Reddit.

Reddit is a really powerful marketing tool which we use all the time to sell stuff in volume for our clients. It’s a simple tactic to sell on Reddit. All you need to have is one great piece of content. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start from the beginning.


Firstly, you need to find your defined audience within Reddit. To do this find the top broad subjects (r/subject) on Reddit which will contain thousands or millions of people. Once you find the right subject or Subreddit use the related suggestions of other Subreddits to find niches within the area. The more niche you go the less subscribers there will be. However, if you sell a really niche product or service – especially with a high ticket price – you will more than likely find hundreds of people within a niche subject area. This is a free audience who want to hear what you have to say so it’s a no brainer to post daily content with the Subreddit to build brand awareness.


Now you have found your defined audience the hard part comes, creating a great piece of content. But how do you engage an audience without being sales? Here are a couple of examples:

1) If a water charity goes on Reddit they can find Subreddits that are not directly connected to their brand’s main message such as a geology group. They can then make the connection between water and this Subreddit, such as white papers on the relation or connection between certain rock groups and the 1% of the world’s water that is drinkable. This Subreddit would love a piece of content like this, but if you simply posted a blog post about how much the charity needs money to build wells you probably wouldn’t get any traction.

2) If you’re a new running trainer brand you can find running Subreddits and then drill down into the different types of running such as fell running. You can then provide a piece of content based around this.

Once your content is posted you should see a huge spike in referral traffic to the website (if the content is good enough). Although this will only happen over a one to two day period and you will not consistently be referred a high volume of traffic.

Tip: Remember no one cares about your product or service they just want to be informed or entertained.


Once you have the traffic to the site you can sell to them using remarketing. You can do this through text or banner ads on Google’s Ad network. However, over recent years we have seen this become less and less effective. In our opinion we would put all our chips on Facebook remarketing. This is because people’s attention (especially on mobile) is spent far more on Facebook than on blogs where they are blind sided to the banner ad in the corner of the screen (presuming they do not have ad blocker on).

Tip: You can set up Facebook remarking on your site by following these instructions.

We find the perfect blend to higher click through rates and sales from remarking is when you merge your ad message with the essence of your article with the product or service you are trying to blend. An easy way of doing this is with carousel ads.

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