90 Day Beginner Interval Yoga Course USB Package Pre-Sale

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Finally after a year of delay I am proud to release the first few copies of the this one of a kind 90 Day Beginner Yoga Course that comes on a small USB DRIVE. This is a unique program, designed specifically by me Ali Kamenova with the beginner practitioner in mind. The entire program fits on a small easy to fit in your pocket bamboo box containing the USB DRIVE. PERFECT AS A HOLIDAY GIFT for your friends, loved ones, family, kids or parents who you want to give the gift of health, love and self care.
You can purchase it on my website- first release- http://www.alikamenova.com/beginner-yoga-program/
This is the product of months of work and a lot of love went into creating this unique program. I am combining traditional yoga and HIIT into one extensive 3 month program which can introduce anyone to a whole new world of vinyasa and power yoga and bodyweight high intensity training suited for a beginner. This program is perfect for anyone looking to join my advanced classes and my VIP membership later on as a lifelong path to health and wellness. It contains completely new classes arranged in a calendar with daily activities. Weekly health and diet tips and motivational videos. Any beginner can use this program in order to get fit and learn yoga with me.
Let me be your guide into the world of yoga, self care, health, body awareness, mindfulness and self love.



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