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How to Successfully Buy Website Traffic

The vast majority of Internet marketers underestimate the power of buying website traffic when it comes to increasing profits online. Far too many marketers are simply rely on free traffic sources, such as SEO and Social Media, or on traffic from affiliates and joint venture agreements. While these other method of generating traffic should not be overlooked, nothing can compete with buying website traffic to generate results quickly, reliable and in a way that can be scaled. Unfortunately many marketers simply do not know how to buy website traffic. However, it is actually simple to get started by using the following paid traffic sources outlined below!

Google AdWords

One of the biggest sources for buying website traffic is Google’s AdWords programme. The key to getting started successfully with AdWords is to first of all carefully set a budget limit so that you don’t get generate more clicks than you can comfortably afford in the beginning. The next step is to choose keywords which are closely related to the product or service that you are promoting and then to track the specific keywords which generate leads and sales. After you’ve optimized your campaign you can then expand into the AdWords Display Network and potentially multiply your sales many times over.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has a database of hundreds of millions of users, most of whom log in regularly and spend significant amounts of time on the site. It is the perfect place to buy traffic as click cost are normally far lower than through Google AdWords and other competitors. Furthermore, the targeting options available are better than almost any other traffic platform on the Web. However, due to the social aspect nature of Facebook, a slightly different strategy is needed to successfully buy traffic from here. Rather than advertising the sale directly from within your Facebook adverts, it is better to have a “soft” pitch which leads to an opt-in page or an informative article that will get them in the right buying mindset before sending them to the page where you intend to make the sale.


Bing operates in a similar way to Google AdWords but has a lower volume of traffic. However, despite the lower amount of traffic that it brings to the table, Bing is still strongly worth looking at if you want to buy high quality traffic at a bargain. Bing traffic is considerably cheaper in most niche markets and tends to convert slightly better. Furthermore, the management at Bing is not so strict with the offers you run and so buying traffic to send to affiliate offers and persuasive sales letters is not the same problem as it can sometimes be with Google.

Focus On One Paid Traffic Source To Begin With

When you start out learning to buy website traffic it can be tempting to run campaigns on all the different platforms to try to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Don’t do this! It takes time to master a paid traffic source and spreading yourself too thin will lead to failure. Pick one source, learn all you can about it and focus on mastering it before scaling your campaigns over to another platform.



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