1945 Willys Military Jeep For Sale Luzon, Bulacan, Philippines

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Here is a nice video of a 1945 Willys Military Jeep it is For Sale Luzon, Bulacan, Philippines. The owner asked it be posted so he could show it to prospective buyers . Anyone that is into the old military Jeeps will enjoy the video. I talk none because I honestly know nothing about the vehicle other than it’s beautiful condition. I do know it was inherited from the owners grandfather.

Here are some pictures. High resolution, so maybe slow loading. They are printable quality http://jacknorthrup.com/Jeep/1945-Military-Jeep.html

I have blog http://Jacknorthrup.com/blog . It has some pictures to complement many of the videos, sometimes extended articles and some videos not publicly released on YouTube. If you enjoy our YouTube Channel I am quite sure you will enjoy the blog.
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My retirement in the Philippines began in Sept 6, 2012. I filled a backpack with drawing/art material to write and headed overseas to live a dream. I play and make videos of my life in the Philippines. My life overseas has been the adventure of my lifetime. This Vlog of life here is for my memories and show my friends and family back in the USA the Filipino lifestyle and show the world the joy of overseas retirement..



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