How to setup a WordPress Membership website 2016 | Crash Course

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If you’re looking to setup a WordPress membership website, I’ll take you through a crash course using the Restrict Content Pro membership plugin. I also cover the choosing the right audience of your membership website, the marketing messaging you should use, and setting up the various call to actions throughout your website.

If you’re planning on offering an e-book for sale, we’ll discuss using Easy Digital Downloads and how you can sell the book separately or for free with a membership account.

We’ll wrap up the video with pricing table setup and e-mail pop-up optin boxes, so you can grow your e-mail list.

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** Skip ahead:

00:30 — The intro – Crash course, fast paced, not covering every detail
01:00 — Before you start your membership website, what is your offer?
02:30 — Define your target customer
4:00 — The Skool Rocks, a great course for understanding your target market
6:00 — Understanding the customer for your membership website
( Here’s the link to Angie and I doing the discovery process: )
7:25 — Using the Baton theme
* Alternative Divi
* Alternative Beaver Builder
8:40 — Get the message out in the Hero 1 area
10:00 — Crafting your main call to action
11:50 — Setting up the first hero area of the theme
16:24 — Using Restrict Content Pro
18:00 — Advantage of having a “free” membership
18:30 — Setting up plans on RCP
19:55 — Setting up your free content (restricting any content!)
21:55 — Upselling to your paid membership through free content
23:40 — Using the drip content add-on with RCP. To give or not to give the content all at once.
25:32 — Get users to engage your website and content through drip
27:50 — Customizing the Baton homepage to showcase your membership features
30:50 — Optimizing your RCP registration pages
34:17 — Setting up secondary nav
36:37 — Setting up Easy Digital Downloads to sell an e-book
39:12 — Setting downloads to free for members only
41:00 — Setting up an e-book call to action on the homepage
43:40 — Recap our design decisions
44:09 — Easy Pricing Tables
46:15 — E-mail optin pop-ups

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Restrict Content Pro

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Pricing Tables


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Restrict Content Pro:

Baton Theme:

Beaver Builder:

Divi Theme:

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