Preparing Your Web Design Business For Sale – With Brent Weaver & Paul Xavier

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Brent Weaver is MANY freelance web designer’s FAVORITE person.

Today the visionary behind Ugurus & the 10K bootcamp comes on to talk not about selling expensive websites but how he built & sold his first web design business Hotpress Web.

Patience & persistence are qualities entrepreneurs need. It takes hurdles to jump over and time to build a good foundation.

Tap your friends when you are getting started. Your warm market is full of opportunities.

When you fail, retreat to fight another day with your head held high.

Chasing EVERY opportunities is a path to FAILURE. Not all deals or opportunities are created equal.

Learn more about Brent & Ugurus here:


Paul Ryan is an entrepreneur from Annapolis, Maryland who skipped university and founded a 7 figure online marketing business from his kitchen table.

Today Paul’s agency Marketslide is filled to capacity with clients and Paul’s main focus is mentoring & coaching agency owners, consultants and coaches how to scale to 7-figures.

Building a 7 figure agency in 3 short years was not all ups as you may imagine and Paul does not believe that is was ever a results of “good luck” but rather is a direct result of relentless work and implementation of business fundamentals.

Want Paul to help you get your agency, consulting or coaching business to 7-figures or more in revenue?

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