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Everybody asks me Where to buy Backlinks. This is the answer I found. Since I rank a lot of sites I tested a lot of services and the one I sticked to was http://www.skedlinks.com and https://www.blackhatlinks.com !
It is not easy to find a good backlink provider. There are a lot of scammer around. I tested fiver, private seller (too expensive), seller from BST, blackhat and whitehat and at the end I stayed at Skedlinks.
Where to buy backlinks?
The system to buy backlinks is very very easy.
You get a calendar where you can easily drag and drop the different backlinks packages.
They offer Web 2.0, Wikis, Comments and Bookmarks.
I really like the system. I developed a template sked and use it for all my sites. In fact I just need to change the url and keywords and pay and so I got the link building for the next month completly done.
The reporting is done by reall detailed Excel files.
I hope you now know where to buy backlinks!

I am in no way affiliated with skedlinks.com



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