How to Drop Ship Just One Product To Earn $1Million

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Now, if you are like me and can’t wait to implement what I’m teaching with High Ticket/ High-Profit Drop Shipping.

If this sounds like you, you’ll appreciate my method and blueprint:
1. You learned about Aliexpress and started a Shopify store selling cheap products but are barely making any real income or worst zero income.

2. You’re running Facebook ads and no one is buying (literally burning money away)

3. You realize making a few bucks per sale really sucks and you’d need thousands of orders per month to really make any dent in your financial freedom?

4. You’re tired of someone newer then you jumping into Drop Shipping and making money right away while you seem to not be able to break through (this used to make me so mad)

I’ll tell you what High Ticket Drop Shipping is not: It’s not about selling hundreds or thousands of products per month (one sale can make you $300-$500 in profits)

It’s not about working day and night on your facebook ads so you can stay ahead of the game.

If this sounds like you then join me.
Enroll in one of my High Ticket Academy Training Programs (hint they are not cheap to start but the quality of the training is top notch and where else can you go to have someone really teach you how to generate 6 or 7 figures the right way?

High Ticket Drop Shipping is a method of making an online business really work for you in a way that doesn’t involve buying any inventory, doesn’t involve shipping anything.

With as little as $100 per month you could have a Store front (High Converting eCommerce Store) + Traffic to your store.

Where my method stands out is I teach you how to FIND expensive high ticket physical products to sell on that website of yours via Shopify and do it without having to buy it, pay for it, warehouse it, or ship it.

How is it possible?

First if you ever wanted to get into making money online via eCommerce or Drop Shipping then this method is probably one that will be super refreshing!


Because with my High Ticket eCommerce Drop Shipping method I find products people NEED ALL THE TIME year round.

I find products that cost over $1,000 where we can earn 30% profits per sale.

So literally one sale a day for 30 days can generate $30,000 in sales for you gross with $9,000 in profits.

Now like anything else in life it’s not always as easy as it sounds but if you follow my methods I use on my webinar I will show you how to make it work without breaking the bank, or your sanity for that matter.

I reveal my 3 secret strategies my team and I use for launching High Ticket Stores to the tune of $100,000 per day in sales in some cases.

I don’t want to get your hopes up… I’ve been doing this for 4 years so it’s not something I expect you to do right away.

Secret Strategy number one: How to brainstorm and find products in a niche that is not saturated and how we find suppliers.

Secret Strategy number two: How to build a super high quality, High Converting Shopify eCommerce store specific to your Niche that will get you real customers and real $$$


Secret Strategy number 3: Your traffic game sucks for a reason, I reveal my four part paid and social ad strategy that gets me raving future customers fast!

If you want to learn more or join my community of High Ticket Drop Shippers that are quitting their 9-5 jobs and traveling the world applying my method then watch my live training free and or visit my link below:
I’ve received over 500 requests for the enrollment link so if you watch the entire video (yeah it’s long but worth it) you’ll understand the opportunity here:



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