7 Ways to Land Your First Web Design Clients

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Download “15 Tools to Start Your Web Design Business” PDF from the link below:


Here are 7 ways to find web design clients and sell them your services:

1) Personal Network

People do business with those they know, like and trust. Be direct with your friends and family to get your first few web design leads. In-person meetings are always best!

2) Target a Niche

Start with small business owners that are local. It’s better to be even more specific, choosing a particular business industry and focusing there. If you are selling to everyone, you appeal to no one.

3) Free Offer

Give something away for free to get your foot in the door – domain registration, setup costs, business cards, etc.

4) Provide an Example of Work

If you don’t have any current clients, build a demo website to show potential web design clients what their website may look like. Case studies of results work best here. Use your first client’s success to go after more.

5) Cold E-mail

Use a script but be specific and add the personal touch to increase response rate. Start out with the benefits, and mention any connection you have with the business or owner.

6) Cold Calling

Use a script, but have a conversation – and most importantly, ask questions to uncover pain points with previous web designers. There are a handful of rebuttals that you’ll hear over and over, so craft good responses to these. Don’t always go for the sale, instead set up an in-person meeting.

7) Follow-Up

Have a long-term, growth mindset. Realize that you are planting seeds during outreach, and sometimes you need to follow-up with someone 3-5x (or more) until they trust you and are ready to make a buying decision. Be persistent, but friendly!

Download “15 Tools to Start Your Web Design Business” PDF from the link below:


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