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Bank4You ICO Sale Video
Website Link is:
In this video I provide the information on the ongoing Bank4You ICO Token sale. this company is coming out of London, UK with an existing established company that is scaling their platform to reach the 2 Billion “Unbanked” citizens of the Developing Countries.
The Bank4You Platform offers unprecedented opportunities to send and receive monies across international borders using smart contracts and blockchain ledger protocols easily and safely from P2P and from B2P. They have their own downloadable App as well as Debit Card functionalities to help facilitate the ease of transfer and spend ability of the BFY Tokens into local Fiat Currencies. This means you can now send and receive funds and easily transfer Crypto to Fiat and Fiat into Crypto all on one convenient platform!
This is a Sponsored Review… So please do your own research and your own investigation and Invest as Your One Risk!
Enjoy the video and I’ll C U in the Future….J


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