Sell 48% More and Generate 2X the Sales Revenue

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Note: I misspoke on the podcast when I reviewed the numbers the second time. I said 87% when it should’ve been 48%. Here are the Sales Benchmark Index numbers:
-Win 48% more
-Have sales cycles 37% shorter
-Generate 2x the revenue per head.


PERSONALIZING A SALES PROCESS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Studies have shown that the most consistent salespeople are these who use a sales process. Here are three compelling reasons whey having a sales process matters:

Having an established sales process of what needs to happen to advance the sale allows the salesperson to be prepared
When the sales process isn’t working the salesperson is able to analyze, adjust or tweak a specific step in the process to get it back on track. Not having a sales process makes it difficult for the salesperson to know what isn’t working. You can’t fix what you can’t measure
Training new salespeople and getting them up to speed becomes easier when a process is already in place


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