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This is a how-to shopping sale shoes online video.

Hey guys, welcome to City Soles tv. I am your host Scott Starbuck and were going to talk about one of the crucial things all online and store customers want to know. How to shop a sale successfully. So, online there’s a certain process a different process than in the store. But we have our big clearance sales going on right now. They’re all buy a pair get a pair for a nickel. Its hard to do a buy one get one for a nickel online. So, we will give you a fabulous discount on just one pair or of course if you don’t; two we will give you a great deal on that as well.

So shop the sale online, go in and hit the sale button on the drop down in various ways to shop. There’s high heels, new boots trending, this and that. Go to sale, click the sale item and bring up all the sale shoes and then you can narrow your search down to your size range. So if your a size 8 put in the 8 in the search. But don’t just search the eights. Id go back in and search the sevens and also and go back in and search the eight and a half’s and the seven and a half’s. Because, you know all European sizes they run a little big they run a little small your not sure. In the define details of every shoe on our sight we narrow down if they run big or small so that-ll help out your search. And I think you’ll get a great deal on some awesome boots.

So these are not all just some snow shoes you can only wear in the winter time. Its winter clearance but these are items you can wear all year around. Some of them are great, I mean some of them are some awesome little boots and things you can wear. I can see this with bare legged in the summer with denim mini skirt or with knee highs with little sneakers. There lots of great items you can wear now that-ll transition with you. So lets go check out the sales room and see what you find in here.

So like I said they are all arranged by size in the store and online you can narrow your search by searching by size as well. But I do suggest you have a range of size. So, Rachael’s in here finding some cool stuff. These are like shes a seven, seven and a half so these are sevens seven and a half’s and these are eights. So, there’s a big transition she can try some of these. I suggest if your in the room its kind of crazy in here on a Saturday or Sunday or something like that. You grab the cute things that you like. Rachael picking out some things that she loves and we’re going to go outside. Take them all out with us in a pile and go try them on. So we will meet you out there thanks.

So lets see what kind of trinkets that Rachael found in the sale room. So, favorite finds in the sale room is these bad-ass cowboy boots.
Shes like, “actually i really love these shoes.”
These are something that look great on you. Great skinny jeans all year around no season. Pretty bad-ass cowboy boots. I mean these are real cowboy boots. All handmade out of mexico all leather, leather soles they’re hand pegged on the bottom. If you turn backwards and do a kick-up so you can see the bottom of the boot. They have hot pink bottoms. I love that! I love the studded stuff they are all hand studded. This studded belt around there. Great find in the sale room.

These are $350 boots. they’re on sale for $175 right now. So a great find and these are forever boots. They’ll last you forever. These will last her ten twenty years. She can get them resold and just beat the heck out of them and beat her favorite pair of cowboy boots. So one of the cool things that we find. These oddly s which are amazing. Nice suede little hidden platform, great little item in the sale room. Lots of great brands in the sale room. Lots of great brands in the sale room.

This is by Modern Vice, great little motorcycle boots. All leather leather line you know. Just to give you an idea these are $189 or $89 bucks right now. Killer prices, great find and its just cool to just go in there to find little trinkets and fall in love with something. Rachael found the best, her cowboy boots. Now your an urban cowgirl. anyway, shop the sale shop the sale online. Thank you and remember..

“if your ganna kick ass, youll need kick ass shoes.”

This is a how-to video on shopping sale shoes online.



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