25 High PageRank Websites for Backlinking

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25 High PageRank Websites for BackLinks

1. Geocities.com ….. Most old website. You can create mini websites that can be linked back to your websites from the Geocities pages.

2. AssociatedContent.com ….. You can add your website link in the profile.

3. 43Things.com ….. You can post goals or reply to posts. Few times you can insert links as a resource.

4. FastCompany.com ….. You can make anchor text in the profile page.

5. Answers.yahoo.com ….. Reply to questions and post your links in reference area.

6. eZineArticles.com ….. Give links to your website in resources box.

7. Weebly.com ….. Just like Geocites you can create your own mini websites. Use the same method here for backlinking.

8. Digg.com ….. Post your blog articles here. If it is good enough and if it on the home page, you can get thousands and thousands of high page rank backlinks and lots of visitors.

9. Blogowogo.com ….. You can add RSS feed to Blogowogo website of your own blog and the blog will be auto updated.

10. Xanga.com ….. Just like forums. You can create keyword rich contents and give backlinks in the posts.

11. WikiHow.com ….. You can create your own wiki pages. Insert the link of your website in Sources and Citations.

12. HubPages.com ….. You can insert links in the contents of articles.

13. Twitter.com ….. Give your link in your profile page.

14. Squidoo.com ….. Build lenses and you can add links.

15. Tradebit.com ….. Site like ebay. Insert the link in description of the product. You must have any digital product to sell.

16. Reddit.com ….. Add your blog articles here.

17. Kiva.org ….. Create profile with your website link.

18. eHOW.com ….. Submit your website link in the profile.

19. Propeller.com ….. Again submit your website link in profile page.

20. StumbleUpon.com ….. Submit your website here.

21. Flickr.com ….. Submit your link on your profile page.

22. Tumblr.com ….. Again submit your link on your profile page.

23. MyBlogLog.com ….. You can link your website from profile page.

24. Angelfire.com ….. Same as Geocities. Create mini websites and insert links to your websites.

25. YouTube.com ….. Put the link on your profile page.


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