No Sale : Rise of Industry EP04 – Alpha 3.0 Transport Tycoon Manufacturing Game

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No Sale : Rise of Industry EP04 – Alpha 3.0 Transport Tycoon Manufacturing Game

Let’s Play Rise of Industry! Rise of Industry (formerly Project Automata) is a transportation and manufacturing tycoon game… imagine if Transport Tycoon had a kid with Capitalism Lab. Well maybe it’s not there yet, but it’s only Alpha 3 so there’s still a long ways to go. The roadmap looks impressive and this game should turn out to be a lot of fun! It’s pretty fun as it is right now. Build factories, farms, and mines. Transport your good around and sell them in stores in a procedurally generated world. Let’s see if we can make a profit and get some decent manufacturing going on.

You can buy Rise of Industry from the developer’s website here!

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People tell me that I should share my PC specs. So here they are:
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