Home Staging: The Cost + Value of Staging a Home for Sale | A Real Estate Agent’s Guide

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Real Estate Staging Association Reports:

Welcome to part 1 of a 4 part video series called Agent Meet Stager – where I’m going to share with you tools to help educate your sellers on the cost, process and effective tips to get your listings prepared for sale. So, make sure to subscribe right here to be the first to know when these videos are released.

When I asked real estate agents what they wanted to know most about when it came to home staging…cost was a question. So, let’s start there. According to Real Estate Staging Association’s National Home Staging Statistics Report…unstaged homes spend on average 184 days on market before staging. Once staged those same homes sold on average in 41 days.

Now homes that were staged prior to hitting the market sold on average 23 days, so if you stage your properties first, you’ll spend about 90% less time on the market.

When you spend less time on the market you’re also saving money. Let’s do the math. If your mortgage is $2400 and you have additional expenses of let’s say $1,000 your total carrying costs on the home per month is $3400.

Now, those unstaged homes that are on the market for 184 days unsold or roughly 6 months you end up paying $20,400. If those homeowners were staged first and sold on average in 23 days or 1 month it would only cost the homeowner $3400. So, the total saved if you stage a home first is $17,000….that’s a huge chunk of money to keep in your client’s pocket.

Ok, that’s the value of home staging, but, you may be thinking how much does staging actually cost. That varies on where you live, the size of the home and its condition, plus what service you decide to choose. The Real Estate Staging Association has a pricing breakdown that factors in all these issues, I’ve added a link in the description box below to check it out. But, the report says:

For a 2 hour walk and talk consultation, the cost varies between $200 to $800 depending on the home’s square footage and agents pay 89% of the time for this service.

A written consultation cost from $225 to $1500 again depending on the home’s square footage because it takes up to 5 hours to create an action plan for the home. Agents pay for this service 79% of the time.

If the seller is living in the home while on the market, stages will use their belongings to prepare the home for sale. Again square footage plays a role in pricing that costs between $776 and $6900. In the process, you may also need some of the stagers rental accessories that can cost up to $600.

Now our company The Stage 2 Sell Strategy costs a fraction of this price for owner-occupied home by teaching the sellers how to stage themselves. I’ll provide a link below to learn more about the different pricing options we have and how you can provide to your sellers for FREE.

Staging a vacant space, of course, is the most expensive because you have to bring everything in to make it feel at home. This investment ranges between $1995 and $8500 on average. High-end properties and areas may cost more. Most sellers pay for this service.

How about this home in the west village…i was floored when I talked with the realtor. This 1 bed, 1 bath home was listed at $580,000 it was on the market 8 months with no buyer interest. Once we staged the space the realtor decides to relist higher at $600,000. The home sold in 5 days, had multiple offers which drove the price up and it sold for $645,000…this home generated $65,000 more for the seller….and all she spent on the staging was $5,000….not bad right?

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