RVHauler For Sale 2009 Forrest with only 240 000 miles

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For current pricing, please see the vehicle listing on the website here:

WEBSITE http://rvhaulers.ca

Gregg has created this channel to share EVERYTHING about RVHaulers. Gregg no longer builds RVHaulers himself, but he has many years experience building and customizing Heavy Duty Trucks (HDTs) into RVHaulers. Explore these videos if you are considering using a large highway tractor to tow your RV 5th wheel trailer or livestock horse trailer.

We are located in the “Heart of America” – southeast Kansas.

RVH offers products, services and consulting to help you choose an appropriate tow vehicle, enhance that tow vehicle with products and services, and select an appropriate trailer.

We live the RVing lifestyle – collectively we have over sixty years of RV experience, with twenty years of fulltime RV living. We also have decades of experience pulling large fifth wheel recreational vehicles with HDTs (Heavy Duty Trucks). Our eighteen years of hauler bed design have cumulated in the next generation of bed, providing what we believe is an industry leading product.

RVH Lifestyles is truly a one stop shop for your full timing needs. We’ve created quality control processes and a professional network of alliance partners that enable us to offer customers an indoor retail showroom, HDT mechanical shop and fabrication facilities, etc. We are located in the “Heart of America” – southeast Kansas.

These HDTs can be specifically configured to pull your RV, large horse trailer, or race trailer safely and efficiently.
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