Where to Sell Your iPhone 5s for the Highest Price

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Bottom line: http://www.techtwice.com had the highest price at $321 for a Verizon 32 GB iPhone 5s, gold color. Prices were sampled on 9/11/2014. The iPhone 6 comes out very soon, and my wife has an iPhone 5s. So, I was curious where I can sell her phone for the highest price, so that she can upgrade to an iPhone 6. And, I came across this pcmag article (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2409191,00.asp) from a few weeks ago. It does have a few companies list that give cash for iPhones, but I decided to do my own research to find out who is paying the most. And so I priced her iPhone 5s, which is a Verizon 32GB gold phone, at several different companies. Starting with Gazelle, they offered $275. Then I went to Best Buy. They offered $310 for that same phone. Target just launched a trade in program, so this would actually be a gift card… but it was $270. Nextworth offered $247. Off the site uSell, Early Upgrade offered $296, Technollo $272, Mr Buyback $256, Trade2Save $256, and The Wireless Warehouse $208. The company that is offering the most is TechTwice at $321. Now, full disclosure: TechTwice is actually my company, but I just wanted to show that we are very competitive on our buyback prices right now, and you can lock in this price for 30 days. Thank you very much!



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