Complete Guide for Buying Used iPhone 2018 Urdu Hindi

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This Video is a complete guide for buying used iPhones in 2018. i covered all essential things you need to check before buying a used iPhone from anywhere from a shop or buying used iphone from amazon, flipcart of buying used iPhone directly from Apple.

These are the main things to check before buying used iPhone.
1. check for Apple id
2. check for imei number and match with the box imei number
3. check imei number on for stolen or not
4. check network blocked test on Apple website
5. check external hardware like home button, volume buttons, 3d touch, headphone jack and other things.
6. check the display for any dead pixels.
7. check water damage by looking into the sim inserting port by magnifying glass. if the strip is white or silver then the iphone is not water or any other liquid damage.
8.check the battery by putting the iphone at maximum brightness and using all apps once and take pictures or make a 3 to 4 minuts video, if battery decrease very fast or phone heatup it means the battery is not in good condition.

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