5 Strategies To Increase Your Internet Income Exponentially

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http://thomashoi.com/ In this video, I share 5 strategies you can use immediately to explode your internet income.

1. Article Marketing – Despite all the negatives surrounding article marketing, it is still the best way to drive FREE traffic to your website as it also helps in your website ranking and also provide credibility to your target audience.

2. Exact Match Domain – When you have a keyword rich domain, you will gain unfair advantage to rank on Google first Page listing and get tons of FREE traffic which you can convert to leads and sales. This is the strategy I used to generate 6 figure sales in 5 days

3. Buy Websites – If you have a full time job and have no time to do article marketing or SEO, the best way to earn some extra cash online is to buy a website which is either already generating a monthly income or have high Pagerank which you can sell backlinks.

4. Invest in Domain Names – This require no efforts on your except to think of a brandable name or future trend, register that name and sit on it for investor to come and buy it for you. I sold a domain name for $150 which I bought for under $10.

5. Buy Expired Domain Names – Every day, there are hundreds of thousands domains expiring but only some of them are considered gems because they are already getting traffic from other websites or already ranked high in Google search engine. When you buy such domain, you instantly get highly targeted traffic which means instant sales and cash. I have bought such domain and get a 163% ROI by just copying and pasting content.


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