The Site Flipper – $100,000 In Checks From Flipping Websites

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“Very Successful Webmaster Breaks His Silence On How He Made Over $100,000 Flipping Websites!”

Dear Webmaster,

The following information is a true story about my life as a professional website flipper. It’s me sharing my success story with any webmaster or Internet business owner who is down on their luck like I once was. By taking just a few minutes to learn about my story, I will show you how to turn it all around in as little as a few days from now.

Everyone I come across always wants to know my story. So here it is:

In 2007, I made a commitment to myself to do whatever was necessary to become successful again.

But in late 2006, all I had left was a struggling Internet business that was only making me $200/month – which wasn’t much. For years I had been making a very good living online, but that all came crashing down one day when Google decided to ban all my #1 rankings on their very popular search engine. They didn’t stop their either. They also closed my Google AdSense account that was making me up to $2,000/day, which was all coming in on auto-pilot!Back in 1996, when I was only 18 years old I was first introduced to the Internet through a website called Yahoo Auctions. At the time it was free to list items for sale, so to make some extra gas money I decided to sell my baseball cards, which I had accumulated over the years collecting with my father. That year proved to be a great one! I made over $10,000 selling sports collectables from my dorm room at college.

Using that money, I created multiple Internet start up companies. This was during the time of the dot com explosion when investors & venture capitalists were pumping millions of dollars into other peoples website ideas and half-baked business plans. Well, we all know what happened after that. Internet companies, investors and stock holders were all messed up and millions of dollars was thrown down the toilet.

Somehow, some way, I was able to walk away from it all without being affected. During that time, I decided to take a different path and grow my Internet business ethically and with a purpose. From 1997-2006 I was able to generate HUGE profits from a variety of Internet businesses & websites I created. I did this with no venture capital, no IPO offering, no scamming and no spamming. It was just me, my computer and a vision for something out of the norm.

Now, back to late 2006. I was looking for a way to make money online again after Google slapped me hard and didn’t even respond to any of my desperate phone calls. So I said, “To hell with Google, I’m going to go against the giant and make my living a different way.”

So I took what I knew about websites and started doing something I never even thought about doing before, and made LOTS of money.

Easier said than done? No, it really is that easy!

What I’m talking about is called “Site Flipping”.

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“Website Flipping is the ability to buy or create websites and then sell them for HUGE profits in a short amount of time.”
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Think about it….when you don’t have a dime in your pocket and your back is up against the wall, what do you do?

Well, I decided to sell my website in an online auction through a site you might have heard of before: eBay

And $100,000 later… the rest is history!

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