How to Sell a Website – 31 Useful Sales Questions

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Questions are one of the most important techniques for selling a website. Great questions can find out what a client wants most, what they are willing to pay for, and what type of website you should pitch them. This video features 31 questions you can use to start selling websites today.


– How did you hear about us? (warm lead or referral)
– May I ask you some questions about your business?
– Can you give me a very quick overview of what you do and what is going on at the moment?

Context / Investigation

– What’s your goals for this year?
– Are you focused more on growing the business or saving time and effort or something else?
– What kind of challenges are you facing at the moment?
– At the moment how are sales?
– What do you think are your advantages over your competitors?
– Why do you think someone might choose to do business with someone else over you?
– How do you see your business growing in the future?
– How do you get your clients?
– Can you breakdown the different ways you might find customers and close a sale?
– At what stage do you think you might be losing sales?
/ What do you think is the weakest part of sales right now?
– What is it that you’d like to see accomplished?
I- s there anything you think you could be doing to be getting more sales or better clients?

Going Deeper

– Can you help me understand that a little better?
– What does that mean?
– How does that process work now?
– Why do you think that is?
– How is that affecting your business?
– What is stopping that happening at the moment?

Where They Want To Be

– What would you prefer to see instead?
– What with the goal be if you were to change that?
– What is the end goal here? What are you trying to achieve with this?
– What do you think would be better?
– And what is the focus here – __________ or __________
– If this was working what would it mean for the business?

Moving Forwards

– Recap – Did I miss anything or do you have any questions of your own?
– Recap value – does this sound about right?
– Okay, what is the budget you have for something like this?
– Is there anyone else that you might want the input of?
– Do you have any concerns about looking at changing this?
– What’s the best way to communicate with you moving forward?


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