How to create a classified listings website like OLX on bluehost on a WordPress platform, no codding

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Here is How to create a classified listings website like OLX using bluehost as the website hosting company and building the site on a WordPress platform. This video details step by step how to make your own listings website in simple terms without having to know about codding, html, php or programming. We will be using the Open Classifieds script to make the classifieds website and this script is preintalled in the Mojo market so it will be easier to build the website. We will learn how to customize the themes, categories, email settings, payment settings and listing settings to best suit your needs. This is an easy to learn way to make your website from scratch and get your business online. there are various ways on how you can make money from the listing/ classified website and they include charging people to list on your website or displaying advertisements alongside the listings. Another script to use to create a listings or classifieds website is the Osclass script and in my next video i will show you how to install the Osclas scrit in bluehost.

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