How to Sell Vacant Land Fast – [Houses Too]

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You want to know how to sell vacant land fast? Just recently I had a deal that I was advertising on Craigslist, Bigger Pockets, my buyers list and other local websites. I was getting lots and lots of traffic but no takers.

The Value if this land lot is 30k. I was selling for 8k. Great deal right? The problem I was running into was I had people who were highly interested but unwilling to close

Here is the Secret

– The Neighbor

I only sent 1 letter to the neighbor and SOLD!

Not only that he wants me to help him sell 1 of his lots and he wants more of my deals.

The next time you all have a deal mail the neighbor. Better yet, mail 10 to 15 neighbors in the area you wish to wholesale or invest in. Let them know you get deals at 50 cents in the dollar. Many of them will buy it.

Special tip: look for neighbors or investors in the area who have bought multiple properties. Many times these should be your priority.

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