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Our Story

Started 8 years ago, March Fourth Marching Band is a world famous mobile big band spectacular. From gypsy brass, samba, funk, afro-beat, big-band, jazz, rock, circus, to vaudeville, we play it all. We have marched in the streets and played to sold-out crowds around the globe, cultivating a sense of spontaneous joy and contagious excitement wherever we go. After partnering with inter-generational community marching bands in Germany last year, many of us came home inspired to develop a band program in our own community.

The JOY NOW Summer Performance Arts Workshop is a week-long day camp for youth age 13-18. Our mission is to empower, excite and engage youth through music and performance arts-centered programs that value diversity, positive collaboration, self-awareness, and social change. At the end of our week together, we’ll take the songs and dances we’ve learned to the streets, classic M4 style. We’ll parade, and perform and help kick off the 2nd Annual PDX Bridge Festival at their opening gala on July 29th.

We are running this camp entirely on volunteer power and are relying on student fees to help with the basic costs of camp. However, we know that the students who can benefit the most from this kind of experience are often those without the financial means to afford it. Help us offer our program to more students! Reaching our goal of $4,000 will allow 16 more students to join us in this amazing opportunity!

The Impact

All over the country, schools are navigating drastically diminishing budgets. Unfortunately, arts education is one of the first subject areas to be cut. Members of March Fourth know the crucial role that music and art play in intellectual and personal development. After all, it was these school programs that started many of us on our own paths to creativity. That’s why we’re so excited to offer an alternative to students who can’t afford private lessons and who do not have band programs or other performance arts opportunities in their schools. Even for students whose parents can afford private lessons, nothing can replace the valuable and often more rewarding experience of being part of a larger band.

Joy Now Summer Performance Arts Workshop will give youth the chance to participate fully and actively in a community centered around art and positive collaboration. As well as a music & performance art program, it is also a life-skills, and global awareness program. Youth will have the chance to do new things, explore multiple creative practices, learn and share different points of view, build self-confidence, and learn how to use art for positive and effective social change.

You can help us make it happen!

We are building this camp from the ground up and it is SOLELY funded from donations from people like you. Your donations help us ensure equal access to performance arts education for all youth! We are working towards getting our 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, but until we do, any donation you make will be greatly appreciated, but will not be tax deductible.

Helping us reach our goal of $4,000 will allow us to:

· Offer 16 scholarships to youth, who would have been otherwise unable to attend

· Purchase instruments, drums, hula hoops, stilts and other camp supplies

Not only will you be karmically rewarded for contributing to such a worthwhile cause, we’re also throwing in some extra rewards! Check out our list of awesome incentives to the right.

Other Ways You Can Help

Want to take your investment further? We have many other ways for you to get involved:

Share this campaign with your friends, families and coworkers via email and Facebook.
Ask your favorite bar to host a happy hour benefit
Petition your local thrift store for costume donations
Approach your neighborhood grocery store for food and drink donations
While you’re spring cleaning, separate out those old art supplies & give them a new home (with us!)
Throw a car wash
Have a bake sale
No idea is too small or insignificant!

Visit our campaign fundraising website for more ideas of how to help!


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