How to Make an Ecommerce Website – The Sales Component of our E-Commerce Website

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In the third part of this lesson we’re going to take an in depth detailed look at the Sales component that we’ll be creating on this e-commerce website. The first thing we’ll be doing in the Sales component is taking a look at the Product section. The Product is defined by a variety of different elements. The first part of the element is of course the Product’s name or Title, then you have the Product Description, and this is the large description of the product. Then you have the Excerpt which is the short summary description of the product. We have the Price of the product. In this case we’re talking about an ebook as an example. So for the ebook we’ll have an Author, a publish date, a large Image of the book, a Thumbnail and a small image of the book. We’ll have book Reviews by customers and we’ll have Variations of the product.


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