The Curator’s Eye Introduction

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Marketing Resources for the 21st Century Art Dealer

A Proven Record of Delivering Clients – The Curators Eye has a proven record of quantifiable results, delivering new high net worth clients to dealers and galleries. Hear what some of the dealers who use our platform are saying through these Testimonials from Dealers. You probably have heard of The Curators Eye, but we suspect you may misunderstand what we provide to the respected dealers with whom we work. We are something much more powerful than what you are expecting. We are not just a website or portal. Nor are we ecommerce. The Curators Eye solves the problems high end art dealers have with ecommerce, which prevent dealers from forming long term relationships with clients. It also solves the problems with ineffective websites, which educate buyers but do not educate the sellers (i.e. you).

The Power of The Auction Majors is Our Inspiration – How do Christie’s and Sotheby’s enhance their marketing efforts in a way that helps provide the best sale results? Marketing experts and Art experts working in partnership with one another. This specialization is part of their strength, because those with deep knowledge of the art, have less knowledge about marketing, and vice versa. The marketing and client development departments vet clients in a way that the specialists cannot. The specialists have knowledge of the artworks that the marketing department could never possess. This specialization allows each to focus on what they do best.

The Power of The Curators Eye is Its Simplicity – The partnership between dealers and Curator’s Eye mimics the specialization of the Auction Majors. Art knowledge is your strength. Advanced marketing and client analytics are ours. The Curator’s Eye’s marketing technology combined with dealers’ specialized art knowledge approaches the marketing power of the auction houses. The Curator’s Eye prospects for and vets clients. The dealer closes the sale with their art expertise and relationships. Do you want to spend huge amounts of your time in the alphabet soup of technology? Do you know the ins and outs of terms like CPM, CPC, CPA, Conversion Ratio, Click Through Rate, Keyword Optimization, Backlinks, SEO? Do you want to know the details of each of those? Probably not, and that is why we focus on delivering clients directly to you, without requiring you to know about the details of the alphabet soup of technology. Do you want to spend more time researching clients to determine if they are worth following up with or if they are just a high school student using images for their term paper? We thought not and that is why we created The Curator’s Eye, so you don’t have to. Instead you can focus on what you do best, sourcing and selling artworks to people with which you have developed relationships.


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