Websites For Sale – $3K_Month in Sports and Apparel Niche, Ecommerce and Affiliate

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An eCommerce and affiliate monetized three-site package created under the sports and apparel niche. This business serves as a marketplace and review center for a specific type of martial art apparel that is integral for the sport to be played. The three sites function as one business and rely on one another to maintain their solid earnings. These sites have shown a stability and consistency for many years now, which is one of the many positives of this long standing business. There are many ways in which to grow and improve these sites, and the current owner would like to see the same passion, care, and dedication exhibited by the new owner when taking over these sites. These sites are a great fit for a DIY David or a Lifestyle Larry who would like to get involved in a business and community that they they are familiar with or interested in getting to know. Site 3 has missing Google Analytics data due to script error that the seller only found out a few days prior to his submission to Empire Flippers. However, analytics data prior to December 2014 is available.


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