Supernatural Success: Spiritual Laws I Used To Generate Over a Million Dollars In Sales And Beat Oprah In Website Traffic

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“Your life can be touched, moved and inspired and bank accounts can be transformed if you learn the Spiritual Laws that lead to Supernatural Success!” TC Bradley Inside this groundbreaking book by Best Selling Author TC Bradley, you’ll find: • How TC was able to place an ad in the USA Today on a Christmas day and signed up the gentleman who would become the #1 income earner in that direct marketing business. • How TC was able to build a multi-million dollar company within 6 months, only to lose it to a bad partnership, and then completely recover within 2 years. • How TC was able to sell over a million dollars of product with his first website, and within 2 years beat Oprah in website traffic, knowing very little about the internet, and with a $1,500 a month marketing budget. • How a friend used a spiritual law to increase his network marketing income to over 100k a month within 6-9 months. • The life-altering spiritual law that propelled a single mom from barely surviving to owning her own waterfront resort, and massive success. • How that the first book TC ever wrote hit the Best Seller list, beating out notable names like Joel Osteen and TD Jakes for a day or two on the Amazon Best Seller list. “These Spiritual Laws operate with 100% certainity each and every time.” TC Bradley


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Anonymous says:

The Right Book at the Right Time This is actually my first Amazon review. I’ve bought hundreds of books and Kindle books, but never felt an urge to write a review until now. I wanted to write it in case it helps someone else decide on this book since it has helped me. I was browsing Amazon when I saw it and felt an immediate urge to buy it, so I downloaded it to my Kindle and started to read it that evening before bed. I couldn’t put it down and finished the entire book that night. Amazingly it turned out to be the right…

Anonymous says:

A Simple Look Into the Spiritual Laws That Lead To Wealth When I got TC’s book, Supernatural Success, I started reading and didn’t want to stop! However, I had to go to work so I had to stop reading. Right after work I finished it! It was such an easy read I couldn’t wait to turn the next page.The great thing about TC is that he’s a tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy. He’s gonna tell you what he thinks, what he’s been through and his beliefs; you have the option to take it or leave it. He’s not in the convincing game. Thus, early in the book…

Anonymous says:

Excellent read…timeless truth I really enjoyed this short and concise book. It was an easy read, but contains timeless truth that if people would just apply what TC says, lives would change. I plan on meditating on this book and have started applying its principles. I strongly recommend it!

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