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Roses & Gardening Tips Blog For Sale Visit: This domain has an est. value of $701 on Godaddy. It is registered with Godaddy. I have had this blog for about 4 1/2 months. I started slowly to add content and now have a total of 24 unique blog posts. I have run several articles through seosmalltool plagiarism checker. ( see photo duplicate content checker results.) There are a total of 300+ Subscribers/leads I have accumulated over the past 4 months. Every time you post, your subscribers will get an email alert on each of your posts. You can also send affiliate offers to make money with your leads/subscribers Make sure you send good offers these are real people who will read your posts and possibly buy your offers. Adsense was just added two weeks ago. At the moment it has only made few pennies. $ 0.22 for the last few weeks If you keep adding articles there will be more traffic and more Adsense earnings. This is an active blog with a few comments and a ton of people like these posts. You will get people asking questions and suggestions. If you respond it will help your blog look engaging and google will love you for it. This will help you with SEO. I am not an SEO guru. I have not done any SEO to this blog. NO black hat links or shady tactics. If you are familiar with doing white hat backlinks this blog will be perfect for you. It will grow and become profitable. There is already engagement with other people on site. Check out some of the posts are already listed on page 1 as of 10-01-2018. (see pics) This is a pretty active blog. A ton of likes from real people and subscribers. WEBSITE SETUPI can set up the blog on your web host for a fee of $10. Or if you don’t have web hosting you can host with me for $3.99 and everything will be set up within 72hrs sometimes sooner. If you have any more questions please ask!


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