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PickClickGo is an established website. It is a free, fully customizable homepage. Users can sign up free and customize their own webpage with their own private url. Users can then access their own personal homepage from any internet enabled device by going to their own url. Save it as your homepage when you open any browser and bam you have all your own personal favorites accessible from anywhere in the world. Take your favorites with you. Pickclickgo also offers software and all kinds of fun and innovative ways to promote the website. The way the website makes money is by adding your own affiliate links. Currently I have lots and lots of affiliate links on the page that can be changed to your own personal ones. People add links like fandango and fandango actually pays you for sending traffic to their site. These are not normal annoying affiliate links, these are the actual logos of the websites. Users use them anyways, why not give them a deal and put some money in your wallet while they browse the site. There are also downloads and other ways to promote business and can be used as an advertisers dream. These are not junk ads they are the actual websites so it is like the google of homepages. This site took a lot of time and money to create. Everything works and everything is included, including the url. The site has had over 2.5 million server hits since conception. The site needs someone with capital to advertise and you would have a gold mine. All links that people add are tied to your affiliate account, making you on top and all the users who use it actually pay you for buying items or services at the affiliate links. This is an awesome concept. Unfortunately I do not have the money to put into this so will be selling it and if you have some capital you can make a lot and I mean a lot of money.. I have not been actively updating the page, so currently it does not make money. If you have other questions please feel free to message me. This site is done in .net and SQL. And that’s basically what you are paying for, is all the coding and time it took to put this site together. It is very professional and not like the other junk listed on eBay as turn key. It is not a template. Happy bidding.


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