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Ecommerce Website – Online Business eCommerce Website . Free Hosting For Life – Free Sub Domain For Life – Online Business , Over 100 Product Categories!! No Hidden Fees!! Fully Built Website!! free sub domain for life – free hosting for life – ZERO ADDITiONAL FEES DESCRIPTION OF YOUR WEBSITE eCommerce Website – Over 100 Product Categories – No Hidden Costs Website Details – Example Website URL Below!! Fully built eCommerce website with free hosting & free sub domain for life, banners, marketing package, & 9 eBooks with full resell rights! Your website is 100% built & automatically updates. You do not need to set up hosting, purchase a domain, or do anything involving the website unlike the majority of websites sold on eBay. Zero additional fees & no hidden costs!! You get paid by direct deposit or PayPal & earn up to 10% commission for every order! Website package comes with 9 eBooks with full resell rights. Use the eBooks to learn how to promote your website & make money reselling the eBooks! No Extra Fees & Zero Extra Costs!! For detailed information please read below!! Click Here For Example Website Website Design!! We create a website using our coding & New Frogs tracking IDs, which gives you a beautiful landing page website. New Frog only provides banners with tracking IDs, but we use our coding to provide you a landing page website greatly increasing your earning potential. Unlike other sellers, we provide a fully built website & all services!! We do not charge for hosting (Save $30 – $40 Per Year) We do not charge for sub domain ($5 – $15 Value) We do not make you set up your hosting account (Can Be Very Confusing). Only Need To Advertise!! You do not need to build any of the website, ship products, or deal with customers!! You only need to market & advertise the website! We provide marketing & advertising info with each purchase. How You Make Money!! Earn up to 10% commission on every order. New Frog provides your customers with over 100 product categories, with a huge selection of Electronics, Tools, Camera’s, Cell Phones, Health & Beauty, Toys, computers, apparel, Apple products, & much more!! How Your Get Paid!! You have two options for receiving your funds. You can have direct deposit into your bank account or PayPal. Dashboard Panel!! You are provided a dashboard panel, which provides your daily traffic, clicks, & sales!! Your dashboard panel offers a ton of features to help promote your website, which includes banners & widget building tools. Dashboard Stats Area. Actual Stats Below PAYMENT PAYMENT INFORMATION We accept All Major Credit/Debit Cards. All payments are processed from eBay & 100% secured. RETURN POLICY RETURN POLICY We offer a 7 day money back guarantee. No hassles or stocking fees. 100% hassle free money back guarantee. WEBSITE COMPLETION TIME FRAME FOR WEBSITE COMPLETION Your Website Will Be Built In 1 Business Day. You Will Be Messaged After Website Is Finished. FEEDBACK FEEDBACK We strive to have the best customer service. We have 100% positive feedback with zero negatives. Copy Rights @ MyEasyBusiness </


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