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THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS LISTING This Listing is For Websites/Businesses I sell to Each of my Consumers I am the Owner and I own a authorized license for this content.This is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM Pornographic in Nature.This Listing will NOT ask for your Personal Information.I fully comply with the following Two Requirements Listed Below: ⬇⬇The seller must be the owner of the underlying intellectual property, or authorized/licensed to distribute it by the intellectual property owner.The item may not include software that harms the buyer’s machine (for example, a virus), uses it for malicious or unauthorized purposes (for example, sending spam emails or spreading a virus), or violates the buyer’s privacy (for example, spyware or cookies). Description PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST TRYING TO MAKE FAST & EASY MONEY If this is YOU, then you’ve come to the right Place! First let’s start by asking you this question; Have you ever heard of “Adsense”? If you have or have not, it’s OK since I will give you the SHORT & SIMPLE Definition of what Adsense is; It’s an Advertiser Account Distributed By Google. Basically It’s an account that enables you to put Ads on your Website and Youtube Videos. It’s also free to set up an account by the way. But sadly enough it’s not easy to get your application accepted by Google Since there are very Strict about their TOS(Rules). So that’s why I sell adsense accounts that are 100% approved so you don’t have to go through the headache of getting denied time after time. Now you may ask how can this benefit you in Fast & Easy profits?? or you may also say “Damn this sounds very Difficult to even try” By all means JUST KNOW NOW It’s as Easy As Copying and Pasting! I’m so serious it’s really that Easy. And just know that I give out a FREE easy step by step Ebook Tutorial on how to do it!. Now let us get into exactly what type of money you will be making. The profits you will get depends on the ads you get. So let’s say you get ads that if Everyone that clicks on your Ad gets $1 dollars EACH Click, Now Let’s Say You get 300 people daily to Come and click on your Website or Youtube Video ads then that will be $1 Times(X) 300 which is $300 DAILY IN PROFITS!!.. Now to be more ”Realistic” MOST people that start out don’t get even Close to having 300 people come daily to their website or video or even get $1 a click for ads for that matter. BUT that’s where I Come in!! I Sell Niche Websites with a $1 dollar or more for ads on the click. And I have ebooks that show you on how to receive Legit Traffic(Which are People that come to your website site or videos daily!). The Ebook is given as a FREE gift with each order if the buyer request it. Now for the People who are extra Lazy or just don’t like the hassle of learning something New Or You just may find this even too difficult in ANYWAY; Then I want to ask you a question, Did you know I offer The NO WORK Bundle in which You ‘DO NOT DO ANY WORK AT ALL!!??” And you just sit back and wait for money to build up in your account???? WELL I DO OFFER SUCH A SERVICE! Now If you’re still skeptical or you have any more questions then PLEASE Feel to “Contact Me” in order for us to help serve you better in any way possible. Now If you Are ready to Order then Please use the buy it now option is this listing. And as always, Thank you for your business. WHAT YOU WILL GETA FULLY WORKING NICHE WEBSITE($1 or more price per click. MOST of the Times I give you 2000+ Searches or EVEN MORE cost per click!)”MINIMUM” SEO SUPPORTONE EBOOK OF YOUR CHOOSING (ADSENSE TUTORIAL/FAST MONEY MAKER)8 DAYS DELIVERY TIME EXPECTATION.CUSTOMER SUPPORT Mon-Fri (I will also occasionally work on the weekends)You will “”NOT”” get the “No Work Bundle” Or an “Adsense Account” since this is not the listing for those services! Things you will need to do AFTER You Pay for me to get started on your Service/Please Do or send me the following information in the SAME FORMAT Listed Below⇓⇓Please have your very Own Hosting available. And also be ready to purchase the Domain Name which I will send you. (I can Refer you to a Cheap Hosting company and domain name purchases if you may need it)Tell me the Ebook you wish to Have. (If you do not want one then please disregard this step) TERMS OF SERVICE THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM FOR THIS LISTING! THIS IS BECAUSE OF THE NATURE OF THIS SERVICE, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RETURN A WEBSITE I MADE FOR YOU! IF YOU MISUNDERSTOOD WHAT THIS LISTING IS ABOUT OR FOR; THEN YOU WILL TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR NEGLIGENCE. AND EVERYONE MUST GO THROUGH A SCREENING PROCESS IN WHICH IT INVOLVES COMMUNICATION WITHIN EBAY IN WHICH YOU WILL AGREE TO COMPLY WITH MY TERMS OF SERVICE FOR THIS LISTING ONCE AGAIN.


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