Autopilot Live Adult Web Cam interactive Website Business for Sale!

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YOUR BID IS DISCREET WITH THIS EBAY AUCTION! CLICK HERE TO SEE LIVE SITE at Payment options Please Only Bid If your ready to Buy PAYPAL ONLY 100% FREE LIFETIME HOSTING *NO SETUP COST* (THIS WEBSITE CAN BE OPERATED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME Make huge paychecks with your OWN Live Cams site this site WILL makes you alot of $CASH$ All you have to do is market your online store and get customers to your website! EARN 30% TO 50% Revenue Share! Set yourself up to earn high profits for years to come! Revenue Share option will pay commissions throughout the lifetime of your users. Revenue Share is paid out on a sliding scale based on each month?s gross sales. We provide you with a complete Sex Video Cam website and marketing tools to help you get started, For every signup you will make $CASH$. You never have to worry about keeping inventory, billing, or interaction with your customers. It is all automated in your website. When a customer goes to your website and signs up it is processed right there on the website. You can track your sales in your Control Panel, and track your visitors using Google Analytics. Features Include: Search Engines Friendly PreLoaded Categories Choice of a Gay, Straight, or Transgender site Fully Integrated with Live Cam Models Calendar of Models Schedules Option for Customers to sign up for free LIVE models Sales Reports Special VIP memberships Featured Models Model Blogs Plus much more… BID NOW!! Description This website is completely built and loaded with Live web cam models. No need to find models, It is an automatic website that makes your new business easy to manage. Professionally designed, your business in a box is turnkey and ready to go. How much does this cost? Just the price you pay on this eBay listing. Hosting is FREE (provided by supplier). Possible Revenue Scenarios When an Average Customer signs up for a membership,you could Profit Sales per Day of $50 -$20,000 depending on what your members spend. Some days you may have some big time spenders This is just an example of what you can make. You could make more or less and there are no guarantees. CLICK HERE TO SEE LIVE SITE Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do I make money from this online business? A: As indicated above, you earn Revenue from all the membership sign ups and traffic. Q: How do I get paid? A: You are paid monthly by check or via PayPal. Q: What kind of experience do I need to have? A: No experience is necessary, however, you should have a general understanding of how to market your website. Q: How much time involvement do I have to have? A: This is an automated website so your time would mainly be spent promoting the website to attract people to your new online store. Q: Can I run my business from home? A: Yes, you can operate this business from anywhere you can access the Internet i.e. home, office, while traveling, etc. Q: Is there a catch? A: No, however, you do have to put forth effort to market your website in order for it to be successful. Q: Are there any hidden fees? A: No, all you pay is the price for this eBay listing. Q: What are my job duties with my new business? A: All you have to do promote your website. Q: How much can I expect to make from this business? A: You can look at the chart above for some examples of income, however it depends on how much time and effort you put into it. Some of the top sites earn over $80,000 a month. Q: Does the website come with a domain name? A: No, It is your responsibility to register your own domain name. Q: Do I have to have hosting? A: That’s the great thing, this website is hosted by the supplier so there are no hosting fees to you. Q: Can I get the files for this website and move it to another hosting server of my choice? A: No, the website must be hosted on supplier’s server. Q: Is it possible to make changes on the website? A: Yes, you can easily make your own changes once you have access to the account. Q: Who is responsible for shipping the products and returns? A: The supplier. Your only responsibility is marketing your website. Q: Is it possible to ship internationally? A: Yes. Q: Can I put banner ads on the free website? A: Yes. BONUS!!!!!!!FOR EVERY CUSTOMER THAT SIGNS UP THROUGH YOUR SITE WE WILL INCLUDE THEM IN AN EMAIL CAMPAIGN TO KEEP THEM SPENDING$$ THE EMAIL CAMPAIGN WILL LOOK LIKE IT IS COMING FROM YOUR DOMAIN~ WE DO THIS AT NO COST TO YOU! Domain You can register your domain name with For only .99cents for the first full year and $15 a year afterwards. Please register your domain name with a temporary username and password and send us the information so we can point your domain name to your website. After we are finished go back in and change your temporary password and your user name to a permanent one. Hosting The supplier performs all the hosting for this website. You will not have to pay for any hosting for your website. This is an average of $150.00 a year in savings. Terms and Conditions By bidding on this auction you agree to all auction terms. Please read the text below carefully. – Please ask your questions before bidding. I will answer them with all the details and make sure you understand everything. – No refunds!!! Once you pay for this business I will not give out refunds after you make this purchase. Please be sure this is something you want to do! – This website has huge potential. As every other business it will require some time and you will have to market it. – You have to work and promote your free website to produce sales. – Buyer must allow 24-48 Hour Processing. CLICK HERE TO SEE LIVE SITE Or type into your browser


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