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Don’t Miss Out On This Complete Money Making Turnkey Website With Free Installation, Free Set Up Plus Much More See The Details Below ! Get All Of Features Below Plus Much More! A Top Rated Web Host Plus Everything You See Below In This ListingFree For One Year A Preferred .com or .net Domain Name

Don’t Miss Out On This Complete Money Making Turnkey Website With Free Installation, Free Set Up Plus Much More See The Details Below ! Get All Of Features Below Plus Much More! A Top Rated Web Host Plus Everything You See Below In This ListingFree For One Year A Preferred .com or .net Domain Name Of Your ChoiceFree Installation & Configuration Of Your Site On Your DomainFree Valuable Bonuses With A Retail Value Of Over $100 From donsworldwideOver $500 In Free Extras From The Web Host That We Will Provide To YouThe Turnkey Affiliate Site Below & Everything You See Below In This Listing Click Here For A Live Demo Make Great Affiliate $$$$ with your own Affiliate Apple Store! Sell The Complete Line of Hot Selling Apple Products Including iPhones, iPads, Computers & Accessories! Some of The Advantages Of This Affiliate StoreCompletely TurnkeyVery Low Investment Unlimited Income PotentialWork On As Little or As Much as You WantSet Your Own HoursNo Customer Service NeededNo Shipping or Handling Of Any Products EverFully AutomatedVirtually Maintenance Free1000’s Of Hot Selling New Products Always In StockCan Run Your Business From Anywhere In The WorldHands Free Affiliate Income Not Just Any Affiliate Store! Having an Amazon Affiliate Store has some advantages that no other Affiliate site can equal. By having an Amazon Affiliate Store, you are partnering with one of the largest if not the largest most reputable retailer on the Internet! Almost everyone in the world will immediately recognize the Amazon logo when they see it on your store. This recognition gives you 2 very distinct advantages that very few other companies can offer! Instant Credibility & Millions of Products! Amazon is recognized by almost everyone as a reliable and trustworthy company that sells millions of quality and different products, almost anything that you can think of. No other on line retailer can offer what Your Amazon Affiliate site can. In addition to the instant credibility , your site has a built in search bar right below your products on every page of your site that allows for searching for any of the Over 100 Million products that Amazon sells and an opportunity for you to earn an affiliate commission on a successful sale of product(s) other than your sites product line. Your Site Is Designed To Make You More Money! Included in the design of your site is the search bar as mentioned above and 3 Amazon Affiliate Banners all with your Amazon Affiliate ID embedded in them. By Design your site was created to keep your customers and visitors looking at and purchasing Products through Your Store that you earn an affiliate commission on. Why Make Pennies When You Can Make $$$ ! With most affiliate sites that you will see out there and I know I created them and sold them before will have banner ads from Ad Networks like Google Adsense and yllix and others. Now don’t get me wrong they can work great on Content Sites or on Blogs that are getting massive amounts of traffic but they do not work for Affiliate Stores like your store that we are talking about here for two reasons. The 1st problem is that they will pay you as low as ONE Cent when the ads are clicked on and some ads that appear on your site when clicked on if a form is not filled out or if the person who clicked on the ad was not on there long enough called click thru you will not even earn not even One Red Cent Zilch Zero Nothing! The 2nd reason and even more important than the 1st is why would you want to promote someone else’s product and earn pennies while they make $$$ when you have millions of products that are all available through your site that You can Make $$$$$$$$ On. Also Included In This Complete Fully Automated Turnkey Website: Free Domain Name Of Your ChoiceFree Setup of Your SiteFree Integration Of Your Affiliate ID CodesFree Header Configuration & CustomizationFree Bonuses Worth Over $100 From donsworldwide Hosting With A Top Rated Full Service Web HostProbably the most important thing that is included in this complete Turnkey Package is a top rated Award Winning Full Service Web Host! Unlike many of the other Turnkey Packages that you see on this site and all over the Internet. This package Includes A FULL SERVICE WEB HOST & NOT a Highly Limited RE-SEllER Hosting Account. All New Hosting Accounts Will Receive All Of The Below Plus Much More! Unlimited Hosted Domains From 1 AccountUnlimited Disk SpaceFree Domain ( For One Year )Unlimited Email AccountsFree Drag and Drop Website Builder1000’s of Free Templates$100 Google Adwords Offer$100 Bing Ad CreditFree Site Lock Security ToolsFree WordPress Building ToolsFree Marketing Tools24/7 Phone and Chat Top Rated Expert SupportAll Plans Include Over $500 In Extras30 Day Money Back GuaranteePlus Much More …. Getting Started With Your Own Money Making Website Is As Easy As 1-2-3Choose Your Domain Name Which Is Free For One YearChoose Your Initial Term of Hosting Either One, Two or Three YearsMake Your One Time Payment To Your New Web Host For Your Chosen Term ****** If your initial term chosen is for 1 Year you will pay $35.88 at the time that you sign up and your Web Hosting will be paid in full for 1 Year. *** If your initial term chosen is for 2 Years you will pay $59.76 at the time that you sign up and your Web Hosting will be paid in full for 2 Years. *** If your initial term chosen is for 3 Years you will pay $71.64 at the time that you sign up and your Web Hosting will be paid in full for 3 Years. No Experience Needed! Operating a successful Affiliate website is really quite simple. You do not need any technical knowledge or any programming skills. You really do not need to know anything about programming or coding at all. No experience is needed is needed at all your site is virtually maintenance free. Also because it is an Affiliate Site you never need to worry about adding products or stocking products or shipping or any of those time consuming chores that are required with most other businesses. The only thing that you have to do is to promote your site and to drive traffic and more importantly profits to your business! The most important thing that you need to do too assure you and your sites success is to drive targeted traffic that will create sales and profits for you. How you drive traffic to your site is up to you but with the Free Bonuses below you are sure to find ways to do just that and will almost guarantee your success. The Free Bonuses Below That Are Exclusive To This Listing From donsworldwide Has A Retail Value Of Over $100 And Is Yours Absolutely Free After Your New Hosting Account Has Been Verified! Over 170 MB Of E-Books & VideosSome say The Best Things in Life Are Free! Certainly Free Traffic to your Business is definitely one of them. You will find various free methods in this book that will help you build traffic and more importantly create sales and profits for you and your business. All of the methods in this book are totally Free to implement. So you really have nothing to lose and Only Traffic & Sales & Profits To Gain! Retail Value $17This huge 2 part video and ebook package is jam packed with valuable information on 25 proven Traffic Generating Methods. After all Traffic is the life blood of each and every website! From Old School Marketing methods to SEO, RSS Submissions to Joint Ventures,Facebook, Twitter and more… You are sure to take your site to the next level if you are willing too put in the time and effort and put to use the proven Traffic Generating methods in the huge 2 Part Package. Over 150 MB of Traffic generating Info! Retail Value $47.00 The Secrets of Internet Marketing will be revealed in this Jam Packed 99 page ebook. You will learn from this book how to promote your site and how to build Traffic and even more importantly how to Create Sales & Profits For Your Site! Some of the methods included in this book are SEO,PPC, Email Marketing,Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing. Comes with a Check List & Cheat Sheet. Retail Value $17.00Getting Traffic from Google might be one of the most important things that you could do for your site and it’s profits. There are many Highly Profitable and Successful sites that only use the tactics and methods that you will find in this book. Learn to use Google to bridge the gap between your site and your target audience and let the people that are actively looking for your products easily find you. Create sales and formulate the most cost effective strategy to grow your sales and profits. Retail Value $16.00 Discover how you can use Social Media to boost your on line business, interact better with your customers & build your sales. Learn to finally take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and take your business to the next level. Learn how to use Twitter to conduct research also learn how to get Twitter Followers. Learn Google+, what it is and how to use it properly to give you and your site tremendous benefits and profits and much more! Retail Value Only $7.95 Terms Of Service 1. You will be sent an email from us within 24hrs of your cleared Payment with a link for you to sign up with your new host and also our contact information and procedures and steps etc.. 2. You must use the link that we have provided to you to sign up for hosting account and your account must be verified by donsworldwide to qualify for any of the Free Bonuses mentioned above. 3. Also this website does not come with a Domain Name you can get your Free Domain Name of your choice for one year when you sign up for hosting with any of the plans above. Refund Policies 1. It is the policy of your web host that you will receive a full refund if you notify them that you wish to cancel your Web Hosting within the first 30 days. Your Refund will be for the full amount less $15.00 if you registered a free Domain Name and that Domain Name will be yours for 1 Year with the option to renew after one year if you so choose.2. If no Domain Name is Registered and you wish to cancel within the first 30 Days of Web Hosting you will receive a full refund.Please If You Have Any Questions At All In Regards To Any Of The Terms Above Or Any Questions At All In Regards To This Listing Please Feel Free To Contact Us. Thank You For Your Interest donsworldwide


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