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Amazon & Clickbank Affiliate Online Business Website #1F For Sale – Over 200 Million Items – You Get Paid 4%-75% of the Actual Sale Price. Domain Name and Free Hosting For Life Included. Welcome. Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’ve probably heard a lot about Amazon lately. It seems they’re in the news

Amazon & Clickbank Affiliate Online Business Website #1F For Sale – Over 200 Million Items – You Get Paid 4%-75% of the Actual Sale Price. Domain Name and Free Hosting For Life Included. Welcome. Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’ve probably heard a lot about Amazon lately. It seems they’re in the news almost every other day due to their many innovations in a wide range of consumer services. Everything from Dominating Online Sales, to Free 2 Day Prime Shipping, to Amazon Web Services to the Purchase of Whole Foods. They even own the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) and the Washington Post. Needless to say, they must be doing something right, and this is your opportunity to earn an extra income through their outstanding affiliate program. This Made In The USA Mega Site links directly to Over 200 Million Products & Pays You Commissions of 4%-75% of the Actual Sale Price. Your visitors simply click on a category on your website, and that link will contain your unique affiliate ID and take your visitor directly to the main Amazon site. They then shop like usual and add the items they wish to buy to their shopping cart & proceed to checkout. Best part is, since they arrived at Amazon through your website containing your unique affiliate ID, you’ll get credit for each and every sale. There Is No Inventory To Buy, No Orders To Place And No Products To Ship Because That’s All Handled For You Automatically. If you ever wanted to start a real online business of your very own, this is THE REAL DEAL. This site is also totally optimized to display perfectly on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, whatever. Please Note: There are other sellers on this platform advertising websites for less than $20 and the Chinese companies they use have thousands of complaints for fraud, non delivery & poor customer service. Please don’t get taken in by anyone selling that stuff. You get what you pay for, so please do your research about aliexpress complaints. This Huge Mega Site is custom built for you by us in association with Amazon, The World’s #1 Online Retailer. They are the most respected Ecommerce platform on the planet and generated over $135 Billion in sales in 2016 alone, with gross sales of over 177 Billion in 2017, over 240 Billion in 2018 with no end in sight for 2019. Please don’t be fooled by the cheap imitations. This online business is the real deal and allows you to offer your website visitors access to over 200 Million Items. Your commissions are sent to you via Paypal on the 7th day of each month ($100 minimum) for your previous month’s sales. Since eBay no longer allows external links, please just paste the address below into the upper address box of your browser to view a demo of this site: – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers – Q. What Happens After I Purchase & How & When Do I Get Paid? A. After you purchase, simply send us the login info for your Amazon Affiliate Account. If you don’t have an Amazon Affiliate Account, that’s no problem. We’ll build your website for you in one of our own accounts and assign you your very own unique affiliate ID. You can monitor all your sales through your Sales Summary on your Dashboard which will be updated bi-weekly. Your commissions will be sent to you via Paypal on the 7th day of each month with a $100 minimum. It doesn’t get any easier than that, and there’s no strings attached. Q. Who Handles Customer Service? A. If a customer ever has a problem with an order (damaged item, undelivered item or a return) Amazon handles all customer service. You’re not even involved in that process. It’s this Excellent Customer Service, Super Low Pricing, and Free Shipping on Millions of Products that has made them the World’s #1 Online Retailer for several years running. When it comes to a domain name, You Can Choose Your Own .com Name Or we Can Select A Great Name For You. Please just let us know any domain ideas after your purchase. Q. Are There Any Hidden Fees? A. No, there are No Hidden Fees of any kind. The total cost of this website is just $495 & includes complete setup of everything. This includes your very own Unique Affiliate ID, A dot com Domain Name Of Your Choice, Complete Setup Of Your Website and Free Hosting For Life. Your site will be 100% ready to start making you money the instant you receive it, usually within 4/5 days. After the 1st year your only other cost is to renew your domain name thru NameSilo at $8.99 per year. Start A New Business Or Expand Your Existing Business Today! If you’re an eBay seller, we’ll even link your eBay items directly to your new site for maximum exposure. Q. What Will Set My Site Apart From Any Other Website You’ve Ever Built Or Sold? A. That’s the most important detail of everything we do. Each website we build is totally unique and no two sites are alike. We SEO (Search Engine Optimize) each website for each of our customers based on their Geographic Location, Unique Domain Name, Unique Title, Unique Meta Description and Unique Keywords & Phrases. Your website will be Totally Optimized for the Top 3 Search Engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo). We’ll also submit your site to all three. It will usually appear in search engine results anywhere from just a few days to 2/3 weeks depending on when your site is crawled and indexed by each search engine. In the meantime, your site will still be live on the Internet and anyone can access it by you utilizing the Free Advertising Tips we send you with your Dashboard. Q. If This Is Such A Great Business, Why Are You Selling It? A. We have many different websites loaded with products covering just about every category you can think of and we do quite well with them. However, beyond that we custom build them for others. Please consider that with over 286 million Internet users here in the US alone, it’s not as if we’re going to corner the market. The Internet stretches far and worldwide, and there’s plenty of room for you to get your slice of the pie. Please just remember, nothing happens unless you make it happen. Only you can take that first initial step to get started with your very own online business. Q. Sounds To Good To Be True. Is This Some Sort Of Scam? A. No, this is not a scam and the World’s #1 Online Retailer Isn’t a Scam. We work very hard designing our online businesses, and we deliver exactly what we promise: When you purchase this website we handle all the technical aspects for you & custom build each and every website, one customer at a a time. Q. I Don’t Have Any Computer Knowledge. Can I Still Operate This Business? A. Yes, positively. This online business is designed to update & operate automatically. This Huge Mega Site offers your visitors the Ultimate Gateway to some of the Lowest Prices On The Planet! Meaning, once your customers click on any product category that they want to shop in, they are immediately taken to that category on the main Amazon Store Platform, and the World’s #1 Online Retailer takes over from there. Your work is done! All you have to do is promote your site using the free advertising techniques we send you with your dashboard. Amazon pays you commissions of 4%-10% of the actual sale price depending on the item sold and your monthly sales volume. And the Clickbank Ads pay you commissions of 50%-75% per sale. Q. How Do I Get Visitors & Promote My New Online Business? You can promote your business any way you’d like. However, we’ll include some really good, helpful tips with your Affiliate Dashboard that can help you Get Web Traffic For FREE. It’s all very simple and easy to understand and anyone can use these free advertising methods. The Free Advertising Info we send you will give you the knowledge to maximize your online business to its fullest potential. Over 4000 Happy Customers here in the US and 19 Other Countries Can’t Possibly Be Wrong! Q. Can I Make Changes To This Online Business? A. No. Each online business is designed & developed to update and operate automatically. Plus it ensures the integrity of our work remains intact. If someone were to go in & accidentally alter the code slightly in the wrong place it could create problems. However, we’ll be more than happy to add a few links or banners for you if you have other sites, blogs or products already online. Please just let us know? Q. Will This Business Still Work If I Live Outside Of The US? A. Absolutely. That’s why they call it the World Wide Web. We have many happy customers from all around the world. It really doesn’t matter where you live because you can always promote your site worldwide, and your visitors can pay for their items in a wide range of different currencies by simply using the Currency Converter at checkout. Please Note: Since this is a digital item that takes us many hours to complete, we cannot offer refunds of any kind. Q. What About Service After The Sale? A. The way we see it, Excellent Customer Service is really what it’s all about. If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We can usually respond within an hour or two most of the time. Thank you for taking your time to visit.


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